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Published statements and writings by the artist
‘Conversation Piece: Graham Crowley, Christopher Hamer’, Arnolfini Review, Bristol, November-December 1977
‘Alan Miller in conversation with Graham Crowley and Stephen Farthing’, Alan Miller: selected paintings 1974-1984, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 1984
Artist’s statement, The Image as Catalyst: the younger generation of British figurative painters, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 1984
Interview, ‘Under the Shadow’, FIRES, London, 1 (summer 1986)
Artist’s statement, John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 15, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, Liverpool, 1987
Artist’s statement, Riverscape: four international artist residencies, River Trees, Cleveland, Cleveland Arts, Middlesbrough, 1993
Artist’s statement, John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 18, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 1993
Preface, A walk to the Marshes: paintings by Julian Perry, Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London, 1995
‘Artist’s Eye: Graham Crowley’, Art Review, November 1998
Artist’s statement, John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 24, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 2006
Foreword, Precious Things: a selection of contemporary painting, Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda, Ireland, 2008
Interview with John Reardon, ch-ch-ch-changes: interviews with artists who teach, Ridinghouse, London, 2009

Artist’s book and illustration editions
Cover drawing, Artscribe, 40 (April 1983)
Gogol’s The Overcoat: Drawings by G.N. Crowley, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 1984
Christopher Isherwood and Edward Upward, The Mortmere Stories, Enitharmon Press, London, 1994 (limited edition)
Stuart Hood, Marquis de Sade for Beginners, Icon Books, London, 1995

One-man exhibition publications
Brandon Taylor, ‘Graham Crowley’s new painting’, Graham Crowley: paintings and drawings, AIR Gallery, London, 1982
Marco Livingstone, Graham Crowley: Home Comforts, Museum of Modern Art, Oxord, 1983
Martin Holman, Graham Crowley: Table Manners, Stephen Farthing: Humble Friends (exhibition guide), Edward Totah Gallery, London, 1984
William Feaver, ‘Foreword’, Graham Crowley: In Living Memory, Orchard Gallery, Derry, 1987
Graham Crowley: Somewhere Else, Edward Totah Gallery, London, 1991
Andrew Lambirth, Graham Crowley: The Flower Show, Lamont Gallery, London, 1998
Andrew Lambirth, Graham Crowley: Familiar Ground, Beaux Arts, London, 2001
Andrew Lambirth, ‘The Evolution of an Artist’, Graham Crowley: are you serious?, Ipswich Borough Council, 2002
William Feaver, ‘New paintings’, Graham Crowley, Beaux Arts, London, 2002
John Slyce, ‘Sketches in Carberry: Graham Crowley’s Calligraphy in the landscape’, Graham Crowley, Beaux Arts, London, 2005

Selected books and publications
Ian Kirkwood, Graham Crowley: drawings and paintings (exhibition guide), Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic Art Gallery, 1978
Robert Ayers, Playing Live (exhibition catalogue), The Loseby Gallery, Leicester, 1984
Marco Livingstone, ‘Graham Crowley’, The Proper Study: Contemporary figurative paintings from Britain (exhibition catalogue), British Council, London, 1984
Sheena Wagstaff (ed.),  Comic Iconoclasm (exhibition catalogue), Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 1987
Brandon Taylor, ‘Critical Realism’, Critical Realism: Britain in the 1980s (exhibition catalogue), Nottingham Castle Museum, 1987
Teresa Gleadowe and Kim Winter (eds.), Cried and Whispers: new works for the British Council collection, British Council, London, 1988
Tony Godfrey, Figuring out the 80s (exhibition catalogue), Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1988
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Marco Livingstone, British figurative painters of the ’80s I, Kyoto Shoin International, Kyoto, Japan, 1989
Marco Livingstone, Pop Art: a continuing history, Thames and Hudson, London, 1990
Jane Sellars, The Flower Show: flowers in art and the 20th century (exhibition catalogue), Harewood Visual Arts, Leeds, 1999
Andrew Lambirth, Order and Event: Landscape Now (exhibition guide), Michael Richardson Contemporary Art/Art Space Gallery, London, 2000
Sara White Wilson, ‘Table Manners: Graham Crowley’ in Stephen Farthing (ed.), 1001 Paintings you must see before you die, Cassell, London, 2006

Selected articles and reviews
London is place of publication unless stated otherwise
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William Feaver, ‘The Seal of Approval’, Observer, 15 July 1979
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